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By EHT's Tom Flanagan


The EHT Speedway was located on Washington Avenue, Egg Harbor Township, but it was called the Atlantic City Speedway or the Pleasantville Speedway because back then EHT did not have its own identity. We were always considered part of someone else's town. Usually we were called the town name that was closest to what ever the attraction was, hence the name Pleasantville Speedway.

From 1950 to 1979 and for only $1.25 Southern New Jersey race fans, kids and local residents could go to the races every Saturday night and have a great time rooting for their favorite driver. Food and souvenirs were available. After the races many drivers would pose for photos with their cars, and if you were lucky you might be allowed to climb into one of the race cars.

Cars would roar past the stands (on the left) and around the track. Some of the stock cars (as they were called back then) were sponsored but many of the cars were owned by the men who drove them. They would work on their car all week during the evenings, then race on Saturday night and hope they didn't crash or do anything that would cost money to repair.

EHT had our own drivers (local heroes) who we always routed for. Among them, two of the most notable were Charlie Angerman Sr. and his son Charlie Jr. You can visit their web pages for more information.

Click here to visit the Speedway web page.

Thanks to Tom Flanagan for the photos.


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