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Indexed columns From January 2000 to December 2007 

Old Radio Column

Click on photo to see K2TQN's original License.   Support page for the Old Radio column in QST magazine.  Most months I provide additional information about the profiled radio or content of the column.  Scroll down to see everything, and check back after each new issue reaches your door for more information about the column.
  K2TQN at the key in the Old Radio Museum.


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Year - 2007
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This book covers vintage radio articles published between 1977 and 2003 in QST, and includes four year's of "Old Radio" columns by John Dilks, K2TQN. A selection of classic QST advertisements from the '20s through the '70s helps round out this fascinating look back in time. Enjoy ads from Collins, Drake, Heathkit and more! $19.95. For more click

Grebe CR-18
AERO Station Monitor and Converter (1929) 
Utah Junior
Mine and W9AC's
Memoirs of Old Timers  
The Club Saver Project
Origin of SOS
Bruce Kelley and the Antique Wireless Association 
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More on the AWA Museum  


A Collins Time Capsule Found 
Link to W1UJR's web site
What happened 50 years ago this month?  
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1931 TGTP Transmitter
That you could have owned...
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When Homebrew was King
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Last Year - 2006
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The National SW-54
and the Radii

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Pioneer in Radio .... 1904
William H. Medd
Early Wireless
Art Ericson, W1NF
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The History of the
RECO Key of Baltimore
The story of this heretofore unknown company which identifies this rare key.
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Drake Novice Station
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for More Information
A Dream 1955 Station
Cecil Gregson, W9CNN

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This month we visit a
radio auction

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The 1928 Pilot Wasp
Short Wave Receiver Kit
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The Marconi Stations of old Cape May
c. 1909 - 1917 +

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The WRL Globe Scout 65

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visit the web page

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Classic Mobil Station
Drake TR4

Year 2005
in 2005
Feature Radio or Item
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Heathkit AR1, AR2, How much is enough?
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The Apollo 11 flight radio 35-years ago, 'One small step…'
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Antenna Measuring Devices M C Jones and the Micromatch
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Spark Transmitters and Parts Getting Started with Spark
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Johnson Viking Navigator The Johnson Viking Navigator
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Field Day from the 1950s Vintage Field Day
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Bob Dennison, W2HBE, Designer, Builder and Writer
Bob is now a SK - Link
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Sears, Roebuck and Company
The Catalog Years   + Added: New Silvertone Discovered
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 September   The First Ham in Philadelphia (Tom Appleby, W3AX)

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1932: A Portable Transmitter Mystery

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 November   Emergencies: We've Always Been Ready

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The Radio Game

The Radio Game      More Radio Games
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James Millen's station in the Annex
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Antique Wireless Association
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Field Day
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